As envisaged by Govt.,Vision Document for Dhubri District has been prepared for next five years for all round development of the District. All the sectors have been covered in the Vision Document but considering the backwardness of the District in literacy front, ignorance about health care and bottleneck in communication, the following 3(three) sectors have been prioritized.


The percentage of literacy in Dhubri District is 48.2 which is one of the lowest in the state. To motivate children to enroll themselves in school as well as to provide quality education, the following steps are proposed:

  1. Establishment of Elementary schools in the areas not yet covered by any school for which people's co-operation will be sought through RPRS for which list of villages without an elementary school is being prepared.

  2. 100% attendance in school by children in the age group 6-12 years for which efforts will be made to motivate the villagers to send their children to school. DPEP has already started a survey of number of children of different age group in all villages. Besides village education register has been opened in all villages.

  3. Improvement in the quality of teachers through training from DPEP & SCERT.

  4. Computer education from class 10-12 in all high and higher secondary schools and colleges in a phased manner.

  5. Opportunity provided by TLC & SSA will be taken advantage of to educate the adult population. As a step towards this, village level TLC comitties have been formed during II round RPRS.

  1. Total utilization of existing infrastructure for health care in Rural and Urban areas by ensuring normal functioning of PHE/CHCs/SCs with attendance of Doctors and Nurses.

  2. To popularize family planning methods particularly in rural areas to check uncontrolled growth of population through the existing schemes of Health Department as well as through RPRS.

  3. Proper and full implementation of Immunisation Programme through health Department.

  4. Provision of pure drinking water in Rural areas to be made through existing schemes of P.H.E. Department as well as by pooling resources under Rural Development/MPLAD and MLALAD.

  1. Construction of rural roads to cater to the needs of transportation of agricultural produce to facilitate growth of agriculture through rural development schemes.

  2. Existing roads connecting district and sub-divisional head quarters with different interior places of the district as well as for increasing road connectivity between interior villages and national highways to be developed through full implementation of the Prime Minister's Gramin Sarak Yojana. In this connection 14 Nos. of roads have already been taken up in 2000-2001 and 28 Nos. of roads in 2001-2002 covering all the 14 Blocks of the District with an estimated amount of Rs. 950 Laks under PMGSY.