As per population pattern approximately 90% of the population consume fish in the district.About 13000 MT of fish is required per annum for the district.

The district is rich in fishery resources. Some of those are stated as below:

1.Registered Beels 78 Nos. Area 4373.50 Ha.
2.Unegistered Beels 55 Nos. Area 1685.00 Ha.
3.Private & Community Tank 6719 Nos. Area 1289.47 Ha.
4.Low Lying Area 1184 Nos. Area 2991.80 Ha.
5.Swamps 77 Nos. Area 282.00 Ha.
6.River 7 Nos.

Besides these the mighty River Brahmaputra is flowing from east to south-west covering 84 Km in length and a major source of fish production.

During the year 2000-2001 total fish production from all sources was 8515.88 MT.

The department has trained 707 no. of fish farmers under ARIASP,FFDA,SCCP and TSP.

There are 2 no. of Eco-Hatcheries in private sector and 1 Fish Seed Farm in Govt. sector and 2no. in private sector.