The skill of weaving is inherited by every household mostly,Bodos,Rabhas,Rajbongsis,Tanti(ie. Devnath) and Ansaris of Dhubri district. These people have their own distinctive patterns,designs & motifs with magnificent colour combination which varies from one area to another.About 50% of the total requirement in regard of saree,lungi,gamocha,mekhela etc. are produced in the district.

It is revealed from the National Handloom Census held in 1995-96 that 39,840 Nos. of weavers are engaged with handloom activities. 48 Nos. powerlooms run on commercial weaving in the district. The cooperative sector has covered 22,850 Nos. weavers in the district.

Handloom Training Centre(HTC):- The H&T Deptt. is running 4 no. of HTCs in rural area at Kharuabanda, Kazigaon, Tipkai and impart one year training for creating artisans in handloom weaving,designing,dyeing etc.

Weavers Extension Service Unit:-There are 7 Nos. of W.E.S.U. at Gauripur, Golokganj, Agomoni, Bilasipara, Salkocha, Sapatgram and Tipkai.

The following weavers of the district have received different awrds sinxce 1990-91.

Kumari Apila Rabha received State award in 1990-91 and she received National award for excellence in fine Kambang Rabha weaving.

Miss Aprika Rabha received the National Award for excellence in artistic Rabha Muffler weaving in 1993-94.

Smti. Nichaswari Rabha has received the National merit certificate for her excellence scarf kambang in 1994-95.