The District is potential enough to set up industries based on the raw materials available in this District, such as Jute, Bamboo, Paddy, Pulses, Wheat, Potatoes and Mustered Oil seed. Moreover, fruits and vegetables such as Pine apple, Tomato, Raw Cashew nuts can play significant roll in respect of food processing industries.

Handicraft Industries are performing a major roll in upliftment of economic condition of rural artisans engaged in making items from Jute, Bamboo, Pith craft, Terrakotta etc. A few localities have become cluster area in a particular type of trade as indicated below which are providing vast employment to the people of this district.

  1. Terrakotta : Available in cluster village of Asharikandi, Agomoni and Bilasipara. About 150 no. of families engaged in this craft. Smti. Sarala Bala is a National Awardee of village Asharikandi of the trade.

  2. Jute Craft : Aroud 3000 artisans of Jute craft are earning their livelyhood by selling various items of Jute belonging to Chalakura, Dhubri, Gauripur and Alomganj etc.

  3. Pith Craft : Mostly found in Debottar Hasdaha, Jhapusabari, Gauripur and Bishkhowa.

Viable Industries suggested : Jute Twine making, Jute Sutli making, Tomato processing, Pine apple processing, Plastic coated Bamboo mat, Mosaic tiles making, cattle and poulrty food, cold storage, Jute yarn dying, zinger dehydration unit, lather processing unit are the prospect units in this District. The District has 951 no. of permanently registered units having around 8200 no. of employees. The notable existing units of the District can be sorted out as :-flour mill, dal mill, mustered oil mill, ice cream, backery and biscuit, mineral water, candle, A.C.Pipe, iron bucket, steel fabrication, power loom, medicine, umbrella manufacturing, agarbati, water filter, distilled water etc.A few successful entrepreneurs have set up their image on cashewnut processing and raw agarbati stick making by utilising the locally available raw materials in the District. An International Trade Centre is going to be started shortly at Mankachar under South Salmara-Mankachar Sub-Division.Work on Infrastructure like road, bank,loading-unloading sheds etc. are in progress. The aim of this centre is to promote trade with neigbouring Bangaladesh.




Infra Development of the District