The Deptt. of Sericulture has so far established two no. of Eri Concentration Centres(ECC) at Bongishijhora & Ujanpara alongwith four no. of Collective Mulberry Gardens(CMG) at Kajigaon, Duligaon, Bonnyaguri and Borshijhora to produce Eri and Mulberry reeling cocoons and for free distribution of Eri and Mulberry food plants to the private rearers to conduct commercial rearing for producing more coccoons.

At present the District has undertaken to plant 116.50 hectares of Eri food plants, 23 hectares of Muga food plants and 70.50 hectares of Mulberry food plants covering 107 sericulture village among 4260 nos. Eri, 410 nos. Muga & 650 nos. Mulberry rearers respectively. In the year 2000, the District has produced 12,753 Kgs. of Eri cut cocoons and 472 Kgs. of Mulberry raw silk. A central project has been introduced in this district under Catalytic Development Programme since 1998-99 for three years covering 60 acres of Eri food plants, 80 acres of Muga food plants and 25 acres of Mulberry food plants.

The DRDA, Dhubri has sponsored a " Golden Thread Project " for the development of 250 no. of Eri farmers.