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               Dhubri District is bestowed with attractive scenic beauties by the mother nature. Both the banks of river Brahmaputra with its lush green fields, blue hills and hillock is a feast to the eyes of the onlookers. The Chakrasila wild- life sanctuary, the Tegbahadur Gurudwara, the Rangamati Mosque, Mahamaya Dham and the royal palaces attract the people for their unique structures, religious sanctity and mythological importance. Some attractive spots with salient features and pictorial views are depicted below :

Mahamaya DhamMahamaya Dham

Mahamaya Dham of Bogribari, about 30-35 Km.east from Dhubri town is next to Kamakhya Than (Guwahati) and Madan-Mohan (Cooch Behar) in its attraction to the pilgrims and tourists. Originaly the famous mother Goddess Mahamaya of Parvatjowar was worshipped by the local people like Kacharies, Koches and Nath etc. It was the presiding deity of the Jaminder of Parvatjowar. Now-a-days the mother Mahamaya is worshipped by all Hindus.

Rangamati MosqueRangamati Mosque

The very famous Rangamati Mosque was built during 17th century by Hussain Shah, the Governor of Bengal.This Mosque belongs to pre-Mughal period which can be recognised from its typical architectural design. It is about 25Kms away from Dhubri Town. It may be mentioned that Rangamati area was once a very prosperous during thereign of the Koch rulers.It was also frontier post of the Koch rulers. During Mughal regime Rangamati was a great fort of the invading Mughal Army. This unique Mosque was used as a prayer place by the Mohmmedan Soldiers. There is also a Idgah and a deep Well which were also constructed during the same period.

Gurudwara Sri Guru Tegbahadur SahibjiGurudwara Sri Guru Tegbahadur Sahibji

In the heart of the Dhubri Town and on the bank of the river mighty Brahmaputra, this famous Gurudwara is situated. Sikh Guru Nanaka visited this place in 1505 A.D. & met Sri Sankardeva during Nanaka's way from Dhaka to Assam. Thereafter the 9th Guru Tegbahadur came to this place and established this Gurudwara during 17th century. Sikh devotees from all over India and abroad assembled in this Gurudwara pevery year in the month of December to mark the Martydom of Sri Guru Tegbahadur with due solemnity and ceremony. Sikh devotees called this festival as Sahidee-Guru-Parav.

Panchpeer DargahaPanchpeer Dargaha

It is Mazar Sharif of five Sufi Saints who accompanied Raja Ram Singh during his time of invassion to Assam.This Dargaha is the best example of religious harmony where all section of people irrespective of their religion pay visit with great respect.

Chakrasila Wildlife SanctuaryChakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary

In the year 1994, Chakrasila Hill Reserve Forest was declared as Chakrasila Hill Wildlife Sanctuary by the Govt.of India covering an area of 4558.7 hectares of land. The distribution of varities of plant species in Chakrasila provides diverse niches for many Wild Life. The Significant Golden Langur exists in Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary in addition to other mammals plike Leopard, Leopard cat, Porcupine, Pangoline, Flying Squirrel, Civet cat etc.Adjutants Stork, Indian Owl, Myna, Parrakit, Dove, Hornbil, Jungle Fowl, Kingfisher, Harren, Darter, Snipe, Teal etc. are the birds commonly found. Python, Monitor, Crait, Cobra, Turtle, Tead and frog are some reptiles and amphibia that are also found.

Other Significant features

Two world famous Wetlands - Dheer Beel and Diplai Beel adjoins Chakrasila W.L. Sanctuary. These two Beels are home of a large number of fishes, turtles, prawn and birds both indigenous and migratory.

It is about 70 Km away from Dhubri Town. This sanctuary provides facilities / activities such as : (i) Bird Watching (ii) Forest Trecking (iii) Wildlife & Nature Photography (iv) Local guide available on payment (v) Site for errecting tent (vi) Free of cost accommodation for a group of 15 / 20 person with hygenic dringking water in the camp Tapoban provided by the local NGO, the Natures Beckon.

Florican Garden

A newly setup garden cum natural park located at Bilasipara about 50 Km from Dhubri Town. It is a very attractive tourist place.

RamraikutiOther important places

There are many other important places in this District. There are Matiabag pPalace at Gauripur, Netai Dhubuni Ghat at Dhubri Town, Chandardinga Hillock and Dudhnath Mondir at Salkocha, Ramraikuti at Satrasal, Airport of IInd World War and Soreswar beel at Rupshi etc.