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Government Of Assam Dhubri District

Civil Defence Branch

Dhubri District Civil Defence Office was established in the year 2009 and presently the office is functioning at the Top floor of DC’s Office, Dhubri as an amalgamated establishment of the Deputy Commissioner, Dhubri.   

                        The main function of District Civil Defence is to extend all kinds of help, assistance and guidance ensuring normal life to the people during emergencies and disasters. It’s main mission is to generate the spirit and guidance to the people to face the situation before, during and after any emergency and disaster. Hence Civil Defence volunteers are the integral part of emergency and disaster management system. Civil Defence is the defence of the people, by the people and for the people.  In more ways than one Civil Defence may be called self- defence.         


  1. To Save Life,
  2. To minimize the damage to property 
  3. To maintain continuity of production.

Task of the Department :

  1. Raising & training of Civil Defence  Volunteers/Wardens
  2. Impart training to officials & civilians to meet the exigencies during the natural calamities as well as man-made disasters.
  3. Depute active trained volunteers to Central Training Institute, Panikhaiti, Guwahatri and also to National Civil Defence College, Nagpur for higher training.
  4. Deployment of Civil Defence volunteers in emergency needs such as air raid, natural calamities - flood, fire, earthquake, storm etc as and when District Administration calls for.
  5. Taking a lead role in spreading public awareness about the various kinds of disasters and possible community responses to them.
  6. Educating/training the people at grass-root level in vulnerable areas as a part of community capacity building to respond to any disaster situation.
  7. Regular mock drills, exercises and rehearsal of civil defence activities  to generate public interest.
  8. Preparing publicity material, literature and brochures about Civil Defence and distributing these in events related to Civil Defence.
  9. Organizing public functions to honour persons who have contributed to the Civil Defence cause by participating in its activities.
  10. Taking guest lecturers in schools/Colleges, holding demonstrations, showing films, visits to Civil Defence establishments, etc.
  11. Holding camps for students to provide them basic training in skill for Civil Defence/Disaster Management.

Name of  the Services :

      Civil Defence does not provide any public utility services to the people directly.

Contact Details :

Shri Paresh Ch. Sarma

Deputy Controller, Civil Defence, Dhubri

Mobile No. 7086267771