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Government Of Assam Dhubri District

Land Acquisition Branch


The branch dealt with the matters related to acquisition of land for Govt. departments like National Highway, Defence, Railways Bridges etc and payment (BoPs) of compensation thereof.

Work in branch:-

  1. Dhubri-Phulbari 4-laning Bridges.
  2. 4-laning NH-127B.
  3. Dhubri Medical College
  4. Cancer Hospital adjacent to Dhubri Medical College.
  5. Mainaguri-Jogighopa BG Railway line.
  6. BoPs (Border Out Posts).
  7. Composite Check Gate.
  8. 4-laning NH from Bilasipara Hakama to Chapar-Tulungia Jogighopa paiken- Dudhnoi Guwahati road -225km
  9. Construction of retirement of B/Dyke from Balikachi to Beldubi at Nichinpar -33.94km