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Government Of Assam Dhubri District

Magistracy Branch


This branch dealt with matters relating to the maintenance of Law & Order and other related works.

Work in Branch :-

  1. Promulgation of 144 Cr.P.C
  2. Registration & disposal of Cr. P.C. cases
  3. All High Court/ Lower Court matters as Nodal Branch
  4. Permission for disposal of unclaimed dead bodies
  5. Inquest by Magistrate
  6. Maintenance of law & order and detainment of Magistrates thereof.
  7. Appointment of GP and PP.
  8. Matters relating to Human Rights.
  9. Verification of character & antecedents.
  10. Prosecution sanctions under different Acts as empowered to District Magistrate.
  11. Delayed Registration of Births & Deaths.
  12. Issue/Renewal of license of petition writers.
  13. Matters related to religious works Durga Puja/Kali Puja/Haj/Eid etc.
  14. Matters related to inmates of Jails.
  15. Matters related to cattle transportation.