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Government Of Assam Dhubri District


Person name Designation Department Phone No.
Montosh Das Asst. Labour Commissioner LABOUR 9435029845
Ahmed Hussain Secy. Rural Sciense Society N/A 9854529028
Md.Munsef Ali Inspector of Weight & Measurement N/A 8876461856
Gautam Das Inspector, Legal Meterology LEGAL METROLOGY 9435066743
Nabin Kumar Lead District Manager, UBI N/A 8539859999
P. Neogi Chairman, DGDA N/A 9435126342
Toma Das Chairperson DMB N/A 9577464622
Jhimli Dutta Chairperson, GTC N/A 9435714807
Dipesh Das Chairman, BTC N/A 8399862877
Sajidur Rahman Chairman, CTC N/A 9435675497