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Government Of Assam Dhubri District

Boat Clinic

  • The islands of river Brahmaputra popularly known as chars or Sapori are among the most backward areas of the state, nearly six percent of Assam’s land is covered by these islands and a total of ten percent population of the state i.e. more than 30 lacs populace resides in those islands. These areas are frequently devastated by flood as results the health status of the people living in those areas are badly affected. There are more than 2000 villages in these char areas, where as a few health facility with little or no manpower, which are not sufficient enough to cover the entire population.

    The main threats to these islands is from frequent floods which play a role of the devastation of the communities residing in these islands, thus causing a major concern to the health status of the communities. Construction of permanent infrastructure and health facilities is one of the major challenges in these islands due to the recurring floods. The situation is even worsened by the fact that the people residing in these areas change their base every six months either due to erosion of the land or in search of livelihood generation. Keeping the challenge of defending the health indicators, the Govt initiated boat clinic service in the year, 2008 for the communities residing in these islands.